Gymnasium: Through the Lens of Bangladesh

Gymnasium, is  a place where people are involved to improve their fitness.Its a common popular phenomena through all over the world. In that legacy Like all other social phenomena in Bangladesh; the culture of fitness center is emerged now a days.   I will discussing about my observation on how people react over fitness center, how they behave, how they spend their time.

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COurtesy:Andrea Caridi


Health consciousness, trend or whatever you call; it has strong base layer through young generation in Bangladesh. In addition to a lot of aged people are attracted about gymnasium culture. It has multifaceted indicators to figure out socio-psychological diversity.

I chose to take observation on them. However this analysis is just based on my observation and refers to only my point of view because I never interacted with my participant.


I started at around 5.30 pm.I entered the half constructed building and reached 1st floor. At the right side of the door,I noticed three equipment trunk .then I entered and  sat beside the  right side of the door and  trying to understand what these people were doing for such a long time.

The room was decorated by different types of fitness equipment. The wall was colored of Blue and Column was pink.The floor was fully decorated with tiles. There was air-conditioned system as well as white color LED light. At the western side there was a washroom. At the left corner of the entry door there was reception table. Director of the Gymnasium sat there and observe whole situation also.

Trainees seemed to be busy with their exercise. In the mean time two boys with shorts and black T-shirt entered. Some moments later, trainer with yellow T-shirt and Jeans appeared and looked up the situation. That two boys with same black color T shirt seemed to be friend. and most importantly they were very slim.
The trainer interacted with a new trainee wearing ash colored polo T –Shirt and black -white Shorts. Trainer instructed him to continue some freehand exercise for today.Then that boy was trying to focus his job. In that time I randomly walked and observed whole situation . Then I noticed that Instructor was giving him some correction.Then I changed my position and trying to observe deeply. That boy was healthy, he counted lightly his different types freehand position. After counting fifty, he took break and after around one and half minute continue again. Suddenly,I heard the sound of Mag rib azan.But overall situation was unchanged. there were  noise of fitness equipment and light voice of trainees. That group of two boy with that Black T shirt randomly changed their position and chat together. They were in very light mood and were not very serious. Ninety degree from the entry door, that new comer trainee assigned in quick move freehand up-down position by legs  within one minute time limit.He was trying to give his effort in front of mirror that attached with collum. He stopped after 30 second and continue later but unfortunately didn’t meet his deadline.He gave up after 55 second because of heavy sweating and gossip with that two boys with black T-shirt

Some moment later another group of two friends met with instructor and he gave him few motivational speech.

That healthy boy started again but after 15 second,he fall down and taking water and also permanently quit up.


Another group of two young ; one of them had eye glass and wearing sleveless  T shirt and another one with black trouser and half sleve blue t-shirt.They were taking weight one by one and complement each other.after 5 minutes a middle aged young with light blue jeans and Red and black polo T-shirt was replaced beside there.After that, A young trying to give pully position and instructor corrected him.

At 6.20 A young with red T-shirt left gymnasium. In the mean time instructor was very punctual about his duty and trying to cooperate with trainee.

At 6.25 pm I was called by Gymnasium director and gave a short detail about my intention.Then I was busy with my assigned job again.


I noticed two young friends at the north side of the gymnasium were gossiping.they were walking flexibly. I noticed a young with full sleve black T-shirt was collecting weight  and taking position in front of the mirror that was located in the southern part of the Gymnasium.

I changed my position from eastern side to left for better out view and mitigate any sort of disruption by me.I noticed a relatively underweight young was trying to give effort to make sure light freehand exercise and frequently giving random push-up.

In my right side one young was helping other for the better outcome of the effort .there was created a relatively high sound because of wrong position of that young and instructor reached there quickly. That two young apologized for their mistake. A young went to wash room and in the mean time a group of three people left the Gymnasium. Maximum group of people were tired and either taking break or waiting for wash room. Some of others were taking light drinks.I checked out at 7.05 pm.

Image may contain: people standing and indoor
Figure: Abdullah Al Mamun 


In reality, only observation is quite challenging because of passivity. The presence of a stranger makes authority over conscious about security matter. I was bounded to clarify my intention in terms of the call of authority but I feel happy because any kind of mess up didn’t happened.

The observations don’t make any hypothetical statement because of ideological conflict where I can’t be judgmental over my prejudice and assumption. Causes and effect are interlinked with various socio-psychological approaches.

Generally gymnasium is a place for health conscious people but there are so many people those are involved because of different forms of myth. Dedication level varies person to person. In my perspective it would relatively more collective approach rather than intra personal motivation.The influence of friends zone motivate them to ties with this cultural factor. Improvement of physical health is not only valued factor but also rational mental satisfaction should be considerable also.


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