Movie Theater experience of middle class in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, local Film is labialized as labor force package from the educated class. In recent period, I have gone Movie Theater to watch movie for several times.

Courtesy: Daily Star

In movie Theater like Star Cineplex at Basundhara City in Panthapath, I have experienced some different social phenomena among audiences inside out.

In Star Cineplex,

  • Most of the audiences are educated middle class.
  • Most of them are occasional visitor.
  • Most of them follow social hype to make their decision.
  • A large proportion of audience group are basically foreign movie addicted.

star-cineplex-entranceI went Cineplex for watching running Bengali war based movie ‘Bhuban Majhi’ that is directed by Fakhrul Arifin khan; starting with Parambrata, Aparna Ghosh and many more .

It’s a common practice of middle class to hold a negative stereotype about Bangladeshi film but I found positive expectation from audience level. They were eagerly waiting for   tasting that movie.  This film is based on historical non linear narrative but partially  based on romantic fiction. It’s not traditional commercial film but it  has artistic appeal. In the social media, promotional reaction was very strong because of folk melody and visual peal and also pre release promotional contest that provoked audience to connect with nationalistic spirit.


In the hall, at the time of screening, audiences were involved with common practice.

  • Some groups of audiences were silent viewer.
  • Maximum portion of the audience involved with dialogue and expressed their mood of expression. They were involved with visual.
  • People were trying to connect emotionally with melodic expression.
  • All of them were appreciating because of using folk culture in musical arrangement.

Most of others were engaged with various types of activism.

  • Analyzing story line and put an average comment.
  • Try to find out radical meaning from their typical prejudice.
  • Try to act an expert critic.
  • Some of audiences were gossiping.
  • Some of them were involved in romantic dating.
  • Family members were trying to maintain their children.
  • Some audiences were busy with snacks and beverage.
Photo: Allison Joyce

In the context of socio-cultural setting, intellectual judgment, superior mentality and taking positional advantage is a common hegemony of educated middle class of Bangladesh .


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