Voice of Street child from Bangladesh

As a human, we all have rights to live peacefully in the society. Rights of basic human needs are overlooked by the power holder of the ‘modern State’ to deprive unprivileged people. In Bangladesh there is a huge population who has no proper standard of living condition. They are fighting for better economic condition. Teenage and young children faces dangerous situation. Most of them are unaware about their social bonding. They have no family at all.


Country Like Bangladesh, in the city center of Dhaka; there are many street child who has no specific residence. They use railway, footpath or slum. Generally, their life is full of hardship. Rough  look, unhealthy body condition is common for them. Most of them don’t get any sympathy from mass people. Maximum number of the street child is turned into drug addiction and dealing.



Abu Tahir Rayhan ; a 17 years old street child lives in Dhaka  for last 11 years . He is an orphan. He lost his father at the age of three. Then his mother married another. He shifted to Dhaka with his grandmother. She begged in the street till her death. Now a day, Rayhan plays a role of waste collector. A boy of messy hair and discolored old dress with a white bag. His eyes is so much wordy. ASnyone can read his eyes as a text of society.  He has no honor and faces negligence. He earns a little from morning to evening. It’s not enough for him. But he copes with this situation because he tries to minimize his sorrowing by taking drug. He mentioned that all leave him but drug doesn’t. It’s ‘helpful’ for him. He noted that poor are always aged figure.  He wishes that-“If I could be a ‘gentle man’.”


It’s very pathetic for society because of this kind of marginalization in the context of  ‘Open market  economy’. We all are responsible for this reality. We can’t provide a better life  in spite of upholding humanistic  spirit.There is so many rapid infrastructure development but  life cycle of marginalized group is static .


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