Sugar Cane Juice Bar – Experience of Dhaka

Arambag[] Dhaka                                                                                               Capture : Rafsun  R Ahmed 
Juice house is very common in all over the world. There is so many tasty  fruit is made by people in the world .

Bangladesh is commonly known as a seasonal country and popular for various kinds of fruit. There is six seasons and store of various fruit as per different season.

Sugar Cane is one of the most common fruit in Bangladesh. It’s juice is very popular in Summer as a alternative drink for refreshment in the mass level.


In the life of busy city like Dhaka its very much easy for the general public to drink sugar cane juice because of it’s availability .The seller of Juice usually uses a van and fixed a crowd place beside the road for their juice business. They use  a manual machine for making juice from sugar cane. Though, sometimes its look non- hygienic, people enjoy this juice.

On the other hand, in summer, Dhaka experiences very hot weather and people are restless for their job .So that seller are very much happy for making expected profit. Most commonly, men of different age control this juice business and passes one third of a whole day. They seem friendly towards customers

Its nothing but seasonal business plan for juice sellers. They switches their profession randomly in another season.



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