The Anatomy of Shahbag Movement: ‘The spring’ was hijacked


O Comrade,

Shahbag could be a gathering of youth signature .Paradox, it served ultra nationalism rather liberal cosmopolitianism.It was aspired by facist political economy.Intellectual property was coverd up with psudo- patriotic mask to backup polical reality of the extension of authoratirianism.

So it was hijacked.Audiences were betrayed by their representive vocals due to fundamentalist notion of revenge and suprimist monopolism. It has destroyed the space of confidence due to puppet show.

The patronization of various actors in the movement has created a long term dammage for any sort of future existance. The hegemony of Shahbag helped establishment indeed so far. The decieved dedicated activists are now being skepticist about the calculation of profit.The aspiration of destruction of class enemy is not real game. You can never win. The mutual respact and giving space by mobilizing population to hold your flag is ulimately better solution and then they can reject others. The demand of general mass is overlooked and it creates a gap of communication and credibility among public sphere.


You have to deal your counter idea through tactics of motivation rather being the wing of establishment. Through media trial, to create a success story over ideological binary is not sustainable achievement. If you capitalize the emotion and innocent spirit for your benifit of ‘specific agenda’ that should be fall down. You didn’t relied on people’s strength except manipulation as an ally of establishment  in broader perspective. You have to rights to claim justice but not create a composite pressure to fulfill your will. The demand of capital punishment is not sollution rather than ensuring justice.As a part of historical obligation, you have to sensative about citing example against crimes against humanity except projection of revenge.  You can’t outcast and label your rival and critique generalized  as percieved ‘anti- patriot’.It’s bad excercise of powerhood.

You are culprit who disrespect the honour of people sentiment. Look your representation is not more than one percent due to lack of trust.

You are looser. You oppose religious fundementalism by the myth of ethnic pride.Basically you are in the loop hole of celebration flowchart.


The dream of revolution to fight against injustice, inequality and the protection of human dignity is massively hurted.Your idea of prejudice and xenophobia and the project of hatred to play devide and rule policy is worst outcome from this movement and ultimately, it’s true cruel irony of people’s fate.

No popular people’s leadership is being established in socio-political sphere to counter elitist propaganda and myth of achievement as a representative of non-elite to fight against all sorts of degredation and advocacy for cosmopolitian civil rights.It’s a pious wish don’t be a slave of corporate revolution.

Shahbag protesters in Dhaka


Shahbag might be a  platform of ‘change’ but the spring was hijacked.  

Image: Internet


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