Not Gossip; Fact of History: Berlin Rape of ‘Red Army’

USSR army, popularly known as ‘Red Army’ should condemn their activity in world war II. The worst part of their crimes that is  marked as silent tears of many survivors of violance against woman, that is ignoranntly known as Berlin rape.
The battle against Nazis and its aftermath, their revenge target were vulnurable innocent women. These kind of gendered based violance or the aspiration of hate crime should be charged as Crimes against Humanity. There is no benifit of doubt for winner in the battle.
To ensure fair play for the human civilization, I want justice of ‘Berlin rape’.
Speak louder for Berlin victims. In refference to Mehmet Murat ildan, “Industry of war is the industry of shame.”
Trial must be needed to erase the trauma of innocent civilian of Berlin as a token of protecting human dignity.Despite victors, ‘Red Army’ is also including as war criminals for their engagement in cool- blood inhuman brutality in Berlin.
By any way, you can’t bypass the history of shame. Just like hiroshima and Nagasaki attomic attack, Berlin rape also remind us the cruelity of the existance .
History is always written by victors through some sort of mixture of truth and myth. But unfolding myth and outbrust with words for upholding ‘truth and reconcilation’ process as representative of ignorant innocent.
Keep louder against not only Nazis but also counter wing for the justice of brutality .

The degree or any kind of numaric chart of act is not perfect for testifing the justification of any incident. The pattern of mood of cross-counteraction is most important criteria.


History tells us robinhhod story of achievement but loss of humanity and sufferings are not counted in the phase of victorian mentalism. No one can hide any single token of ash for long time from the time travel of civilization. In your textbook reading, perhaps, the counter narrative would not be included but it exists in the chain of reality as revange agression. It is a great lesson for us , the ultimate gain from war is bloodshed and sufferings, nothing more than that.Humanitarian advocacy to protect life should be focused.

Truth is the first casuality in war. There are some people in all around the world those are trying to record unofficial disappered micro narrative of survivors experiences those are primitive obligation of civilization to analysis the cruelity of violance period for powerless .

There are some sort of documentation against brutality.
For kind attention ,

images (1)                                                        A Woman in Berlin (German: Eine Frau in Berlin) (1959/2003) is an anonymous memoir by a German woman, revealed in 2003 to be journalist Marta Hillers.It covers the weeks from 20 April to 22 June 1945, during the capture of Berlin and its occupation by the Red Army. The writer describes the widespread rapes by Soviet soldiers, including her own, and the women’s pragmatic approach to survival, often taking Soviet officers for protection. When published in German in 1953,[2] the book was either “ignored or reviled” in Germany. The author refused to have another edition published in her lifetime. The first English edition appeared 1954 in the United States.

In 2003, two years after Hillers’ death, a new edition of the book was published in Germany, again anonymously. It met with wide critical acclaim and was on bestseller lists for more than 19 weeks. Jens Bisky, a German literary editor, identified the anonymous author that year as German journalist Marta Hillers, who had died in 2001. This revelation caused a literary controversy, and questions of the book’s authenticity were explored. The book was published again in English in 2005 in editions in the United Kingdom and the United States.[4] It has been translated into seven other languages.


The book was adapted as a 2008 German feature film, directed by Max Färberböck and starring Nina Hoss. It was released in the United States as A Woman in Berlinin 2008.


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