“The Cloud-Capped Star”- Final Sequence/Sound Analysis( Listening Skill)

meghe-dhaka-tara-1960-portrait-posterIn the Final Sequence where Neeta’s elder brother Shankar went to the Hospital to meet with Neeta. Then, at first phase in the road, there was a Indigenous or hilly tune in background score that provokes normal survival of daily life of that time and space with busy and happy mood. In addition to at later phase, Shankar observed kids were playing where director used ambiance sound.

In later part, the background sound was changed due to Shankar’s positional change. The mood of background tone of local tune was turned into mysterious score with combined of various traditional musical instrument and flute to provoke audience to prepare conscious attention for upcoming event.


After that, When Shankar reached and noticed the place of Neeta’s location. There director used hilly song to taste space value. Then, used high string scale sound to elaborate the condition of loneliness where director also used the sound of letter truncation. It might create very obsessed feeling to audience through lead protagonist activity. In there was a sound of coughing from Shankar which added meaning to paying attention of Neeta.


When two brother and sister met each other and Shankar sat beside her, there was a high scale sound of wind and that mixed with bell ringing. It might create mixed feeling to audiences. It creates meaning of hyper reality as well. It is allegoric comparison of endangerment and an alarm sign of last meeting.  In later, director used flute and background musical vocal to create sadistic helplessness. There was also sound of dry leaves in the conversation period that added extra means of feeling. There was also used another tune of musical string instrument that might give audience a feeling of straight emotion of complexity of dialectical reality. Then it turns into emotion of aspiration of life through high scale sadistic vocal tune with the sound of thunderbolt and using musical string instrument. The sound of thunderbolt might be added as symbolic comparison of human incapacity in natural rule. There was a sound of cricket in parallel way to hint audience for dark fate in cinematic reality.


In next Scene, after returning from last meeting with Neeta, Shankar faced shopkeeper and at the one point of conversation, Director started to used string instrument and flute as well to make sense of sad means. Then there was used sound of foot steps of another girl that counted as metaphoric flashback of Neeta’s struggle as lead protagonist. Then there were used folk background score to convey meaning of separation. The musical score turned audience mind to tragic separation with repeated used of the sound of cricket and gradual improvement of the tempo of the frequency of folk musical instrument. The last musical score was basically has knocked audience mind to hit the emotion by using folk farewell provocation with dark surrender of life by mixing the sound of cricket.


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